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Sights night vision
Series Gals NS
a hunting rifle scopes of night vision with optimal optical-mechanical and ergonomic features on the EOR 1, 1+, 2+, 3 generation. Characterized by high accuracy and reliability. Have a metal casing, built in infrared illuminator, adjustable brightness reticle type Mil Dot, mount the installation of hinged lighting, the use of all types of smooth and rifled weapons.
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Monoculars night vision
Gals M series devices
are well-designed and ergonomic multipurpose night vision monoculars on EOR of 1, 1+, 2+, 3 generation with an aluminum case; powerful optics; additional replacing lenses to ensure different image magnification; light overload protection; integrated infra-red illuminator; comfortable and safe head mask providing the ability to operate using the left or right eye; daylight sights fasting ability with special bracket to operate as night vision sights; using with laser targets or collimator type sights for aimed firing in the night time conditions
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Night vision binoculars
Gals B series devices
are reliable night vision binoculars based on Gen.1, 1+, 2+, 3 IITs with optimal optic, mechanical and ergonomic design. "Gals B" series has high-strength aluminum body; powerful optic system with magnification avaliable from 3X to 6X; light overload protection; integrated infra-red illuminator; additional Weaver 7/8 rail for extra powerful infra-red illuminator; head mask mount to operate as night vision goggles with 1X lenses.
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Goggles night vision
Gals G series devices
are multipurpose night vision goggles on EOR of 1, 2+, 3 generation with powerful optics; an aluminum light alloy case; integrated an infra-red illuminator to use in complete darkness; head mask to ensure comfort and safety operation; light overload protection; lenses replacing ability to operate as binoculars; the ability of aimed firing when using with laser target.
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SIGHTS night vision
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