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Adapter for monocular



SM-1 and SM-2

SM-1 and SM-2
are designed to attach the night vision monoculars to a day sights set on the gun. They allow to convert the day sight in the night with preservation of the alignment, zoom and day sight reticle, quickly attach and remove the monocular. Can be used with the day sight, having the eyepiece diameter from 37 to 45 mm. SM-2 provides such an additional opportunity as quickly take aside the monocular from the day sight of 90 or 180 degrees.

KM10w and KM10L

KM10w and KM10L

KM10w and KM10L
are designed to be mounted the monocular of night vision bracket Weaver (KM10w), dovetail 8/16U (KM10L) and use at night with red-dot sight (Aimpoint, EOTech, etc.) or laser pointer . The existing product range allows to adapt brackets monoculars CDR (Company with Double Responsibility) Gals Optics to various brands of rifled and smooth-bore hunting weapon.

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